Of all the webpages on all the Internets in all the worlds, you walked into mine.

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I'm Holly, and this is my writing website where I showcase some of my work and write my super awesome fun-time blog. This is a casual website.  I'm wearing my pajamas AS I WRITE THIS. See the paragraph below for information about the part of the internet where I present a more polished and professional side of myself.


Most recently, I was employed as a copywriter by a pretty great nonprofit organization. I also freelance, and have over a decade of experience writing blogs, eBooks, white papers, and snappy sales copy for many happy clients. Once in a while, I get an actual byline.  

And who are we kidding. I wear my pajamas when I write the professional stuff, too. I like pajamas.


First and foremost I'm a family woman. (Why do people say family man but not family woman?  I'm a family woman.) I'm the mother of four very cool kids who all wear deodorant but can't drive yet. I'm also the introvert wife of an extroverted, increasingly gray-haired man who is a lawyer/lobbyist (the most evil of all the professions). It's very exciting. The husband and I were born just in time to be part of Generation X, and we feel very sanctimonious about it.

My life is full of youth baseball games and political dinners, both great spectator sports. I enjoy writing about my goofy kids and my loud husband. I also enjoy writing about my faith, raising a special needs child, mental health issues, my fuzzy three-legged dog, and the books I read.

Other pertinent facts: I am a champion of the Oxford comma, lover of a good pun, and fervent hater of the single-space-after-periods-movement that has gained traction in recent years, leaving us two-spacers feeling very put out and tired (as we're constantly reformatting our typing). My favorite letter is K, my favorite everyday font is Garamond, and my favorite foods are sugar and diet coke, a fact that might be an example of irony. (I never quite nailed the meaning of ironic. I know Alanis Morissette's song is supposedly NOT ironic, but I couldn't tell you why.) I can define other literary terms for you, however, including: pedantic, denouement, and eponym.  

Also I look good in hats. If you are in the hat business, you should probably hire me to write about your hats.